Chandeliers & Candelabras No. 081-0219  

Louis Seize Sconces in the Style of Jean-Charles Delafosse, Paris ca. 1770

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Pair of two-flame Louis Seize sconces with vase-top, Paris, ca. 1770, in the style of Jean-Charles Delafosse (Paris 1734-1791) ,Bronze, chiseled and fire gilt.
J-Ch. Delafosse was an influential architect, whose designs were replicated in copper etchings. A similar sconce can be found in "Nouvelle Iconologie historique...cahier 5" (Girandoles et Bras de Cheminée), of 1771. A comparable model is kept at the Munich Residency, 1. Hofgartenzimmer, see H. Ottomeyer/P. Pröschel, Vergoldete Bronze, Munich 1986, p. 186 (3.9.1), p. 187 (3.9.5).

  • Origin:Paris, France
  • Dated:ca. 1770
  • Material:fire gilt bronze
  • Dimensions:
    HxBxT: 42 x 27 x 15 cm;
    (HxWxD: 16.5 x 10.6 x 5.9 inch)
  • Mark:1
  • Price: