Gallery and Atelier

The building in the Amtsknechtsgasse now shines in new splendour and offers space for our furniture and furnishings painted in the traditional technique of “Fassmalerei”, the painting and gilding of sculptures and other such artworks, that has been in use since the 15th century. We would be pleased to design a setting using historical motifs according to your ideas on chests of drawers, tables, cabinets and much more.

In the Gothic period, “Fassmalerei” meant the painting and gilding of wooden sculptures. In the baroque and later in the rococo period, more and more furniture pieces were painted or gilded with coloured motifs. Masters of this technique embellished even entire interiors of castles or churches. Gabriel Mälesskircher, who worked for Erasmus Grasser, among others, is known as such a painter, as are renowned artists such as Jan van Eyck (1390 - 1441) and Hans Baldung, known as Grien (1484/85 - 1545).

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