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Create an exclusive and individual lifestyle
   Is it a country house, colonial furniture, or modern design?   

Professional restoration

The preservation of historical furniture is very important to us. Our experienced team of restorers work with the greatest care to make sure that these pieces will survive for the enjoyment of generations to come. A balance is struck between restoration of the piece and maintenance of the pieces age.


EHRL designed by

Do you wish for immense individuality and expect the exceptional? EHRL designed by is a cooperative effort of international designers, artisans, and craftsman who strive for individual solutions for interiors and exteriors. With them we implement traditional as well as modern techniques.

The great treasure of furniture and art from all different areas of time is a tremendous source of inspiration. Modern techniques combined with artisanal craftsmanship are no rarity in our shop, rather they are distinctive traits of creativity and innovation.


Traditional Methods – Sculpture Finishing

In the EHRL workshops old craftsmanship is cherished. Furniture and Art are refined with traditional techniques and the imitation of old surfaces gives every piece character and a historical exterior.

A distinct patina is representative of furniture that lasts and holds its value. Together with painting of traditional motifs every piece becomes something unique.




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