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Your garden is your safe haven

Who doesn’t dream of leaving all of their cares behind? Gardens are places of loving hospitality and a representation of the self. Transform your garden into an oasis of happiness; designed just according to your personality.


Find your inspiration in our professionally designed and exclusive Baroque garden at the Villa Greding. Here you can find antique garden pieces such as fountains, sculptures, figures, busts or entire pavilions created from a wide array of materials.


If you prefer your garden to have an Asian inspired theme we will gladly assist you in finding the appropriate pieces from our wide range of sculptures and objects.


Naturally we can supply other garden accessories to fit your style such as vases, planters, stone spheres, sundials, or stone troughs to round out the overall design of your garden.


Find the right place to position your garden furniture. Tables, benches, and chairs, made from materials such as stone, wood, marble or metal and iron, make a welcoming invitation for you and your guests. Placed in pavilions, in front of a trellis or in a cozy pergola, these pieces give you a place of peace and safety.


Modern garden art with objects ranging from furniture, pavilions, and park amenities in combination with Asian garden elements or classical sculptures and obelisks can give your garden completely new and individual accents.


Garden fountains, fountain basins, and tops for fountains or water spires have been seen for centuries as the central element for many gardens. They aren’t just beautiful pieces that attract the eye, they are also important for the balance of body, mind and soul. The rush of the water has a very powerful calming effect on the mind. Everything can be designed and created according to your desires and style.


The trip into your garden begins with a gate representative of your style. This gate can be accented with things such as plaster stones, stone plates or granite, and bordered by pillars – completely in line with your ideas and wishes.


Come and be astounded by our wide selection of stone ornamentations, borders and tiles, as well as historical building elements. We will also gladly help you with the acquisition of antique building and paving materials.


Our experienced partners and designers can start with you from the beginning and help with planning until the final piece is set in your personal refuge. Your garden will be designed with your style in mind and professionally created.


Are you a garden designer or an architect? Come and be convinced by our competence and amazing selection of fountains, sculptures, pavilions, or garden furniture made from various materials.