20th Century No. 084-1204  

‚Battle of the Centaurs‘ by Maximilian Wachsmuth, ca. 1900

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'Battle of the Centaurs' ca. 1900 by Maximilian Wachsmuth (1859 Lassrönne - 1938 Munich).

Dramatic depiction of the epic battle of the centaurs of the Greek Mythology. The colors are muted, only the cloaks of the centaurs are in bright, complementary colors, which emphasize the battle aspect of this piece. This piece of art is framed in a giltwood frame and painted in oil on canvas. Measurements of the Canvas: 132 x 82 cm.

  • Origin:German
  • Dated:ca. 1900
  • Material:Oil/Canvas
  • Dimensions:
    HxBxT: 148 x 98 x 6,50 cm;
    (HxWxD: 58.3 x 38.6 x 2.6 inch)
  • Mark:1
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