20th Century No. 084-1312

Nicolai Kormashov (1929 - 2012) Russian Landscape, dat. 1968

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Signed and dated lower right: "NKorm68"
On upper frame: Signature, picture title, picture format and year in red colour in capital letters. On the right frame: 5 letters standing one below the other in capital letters.

Dimensions without frame: 75 x 65 cm

Frame: originally made by the artist himself (Kormashov always framed all pictures with his own frames)

Mounting on stretcher frame and picture montage: original by the artist himself

The Russian landscape belongs to a series of paintings with the same type of motif, two of which were exhibited in the Kormashov exhibition, Tallinn 2013. Further examples in Kormashov's monograph from 1985.
Kormashov is represented in all major Russian museums and also in the Ludwig Collection, Cologne.

Lit.: B. Bernstein: Nikolai Kormasov, Moscow 1985; with catalogue of works Sacred Modernity, Nokolai Kormashov's Paintings from the 1960s, exhibition catalogue, Estonian Art Museum (KUMU), Tallinn 2013.

Provenance: Acquired at the artist's studio in Tallinn in 2001.

  • Origin:Russia
  • Dated:1968
  • Material:Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions:
    HxBxT: 80 x 69 x 3,50 cm;
    (HxWxD: 31.5 x 27.2 x 1.4 inch)
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