Pavilions No. 360-0010

Pavilion in the Style of Cast-Iron Architecture, circa 1880

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Pavilion in the Style of Cast-Iron Architecture, circa 1880. Iron, primed Germany, Thuringia, around 1880 In the style of cast-iron architecture Polygonal building structure Six sidewalls with one door, without roof Lower part of the sidewalls with revolving molded panels, oblong rectangular alternating with high rectangular Central zone of the walls with round arched, strutted openings, flanked by high rectangular panels Upper part in corresponding style of the lower part At the strutted apex on the inside is hanging a lantern High, slender roof ridge crest with curved ornaments Building structure partially fitted with further turned, arabesque-like embellishments. Partly restored, roof and glass is missing. Wall height: 131.9 inches Overall height: 196.9 inches Diameter: 157.5 inches

  • Origin:Germany
  • Dated:circa 1880
  • Material:Cast Iron
  • Dimensions:
    HxØ: 500 x 400 cm;
    (HxØ: 196.9 x 157.5 inch)
  • Mark:1
  • Price:€ 26.000,-